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  1. ... go out with friends and we go to the cinema and to the park. I play with my... like watching films at home with my parents. On Saturday... watch "Lazio" on tv . Lazio is my favourite...

    3 Answers · Società e culture · 15 Aug 15:11

  2. ...will you do on Saturday? If I don't go to the cinema , I will stay at home and watch tv with my sister, on Saturday. What will they do...

    1 Answers · Società e culture · 06 Dec 18:05

  3. And-but-after-or-then-and-because :)

    2 Answers · Società e culture · 18 Apr 00:52

  4. ... you going? I am going to the cinema 5-Kate sta guardando la tv ? no sta scrivendo ...the evening I always come back soon at home . 3-quanti fratelli e...

    3 Answers · Società e culture · 27 Apr 15:39

  5. ...riding the bike. When I stay at home , i like reading and surfing the net. ...problems and experiences. at night i love watching tv and playing with my cat . on saturday i like going to the cinema or to the theathe :)

    4 Answers · Società e culture · 28 Nov 11:04

  6. reading them now. 14. where do you going tonight? I'll stay at home and wacth the tv 15. we watch always television in the evening. We like to watch adventuremovies 16...

    5 Answers · Società e culture · 08 Jan 15:04

  7. il primo è del simple past comunque ...did you go... --> risposta f ....did the girls have....---> risp. a ....did the teacher want---> risp. c ...did Tom give...---> risp. b ....did you get...--->risp. e Secondo esercizio è sul present continuos invece...

    1 Answers · Società e culture · 02 Feb 20:06

  8. ... likes playng volleyball. I love watching TV , but my friends love going to the cinema . She hates dancing, but she likes listening to music...with his friends, but his brother prefers staying at home . Ciao!

    4 Answers · Società e culture · 10 May 17:24

  9. 1-/-the 2-/-the-the 3-the-/ 4-/-/ 5-the-the 6-/-/ 7-the-the-/ 8-/-the-/ 9-/-the-the 10-the-the 11-/-the 12-the-the-/-/-/

    2 Answers · Società e culture · 12 Mar 10:07

  10. trasformarlo in indiretto quindi senza discorsi diretti,dove ce i (io) metti he,she o it e devi fare riferimento a questo ( you have a part-time job.=do He have a part time job..)

    1 Answers · Società e culture · 16 Dec 05:33

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