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  1. ...much time is there? 2. Are there any photos of you as a baby in this album? 3. How many of your friends are...relatives in the photo? 6. There’s someone on the phone for you. 7. There aren’t any new students in our class...

    2 Answers · Società e culture · 18 Nov 06:57

  2. ... diaper nappy pannolino shopping cart trolley carrello della spesa baby carriage pram passeggino cell phone mobile phone telefono cellulare drugstore chemist drogheria[4] faucet tap rubinetto fries chips...

    4 Answers · Viaggi · 24 May 15:28

  3. si, sono cavolate. Il battito del cuore lo può rilevare solo l'ecografo. Spesso anche l'angel sound non riesce a rilevare il battito se il piccolo è messo in certe posizioni. Stai serena...

    1 Answers · Gravidanza e genitori · 21 May 14:39

  4. ...doing nothing special when John phoned me last night. 2) Was the baby sleeping when the baby sitter arrived? 3) The weather was awful. It was raining...

    1 Answers · Società e culture · 01 Mar 13:32

  5. ... Continous: Mummy's kissing her baby You're eating pasta I'm living in...39;re thinking about him We aren't calling him at phone Sue's studying at university Peggy's...

    2 Answers · Scuola ed educazione · 26 Jan 17:22

  6. ...for 25 years. 5. I prefer the blue t-shirt to the red t-shirt. 6. The baby has been crying all night! 7. The film finished at ten o' clock. 8. ...

    3 Answers · Scuola ed educazione · 10 Dec 18:10

  7. Può sia indicare una scadenza sia una causa (seguito dal "to"). The phone bill is due. The baby is due at the end of the month. The bank is closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

    2 Answers · Società e culture · 30 Jul 04:00

  8. Google?

    5 Answers · Musica e intrattenimento · 06 Sep 13:12

  9. ...  With no direction  All alone  I sit home by the phone   Waiting for you, baby   Through the years  How can you stand to hear...

    4 Answers · Musica e intrattenimento · 24 Aug 16:32

  1. Annunci
    relativi a: baby phone
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